Three weeks of Violeta!

One band, two weeks, three off-days. Four friends! An average five hours of sleep… Nine countries, 14 concerts, 6400 kilometers. Uncountable fond memories!

Each tour holds special moments, tiny details, funny occurrences that will be remembered. The memories of the concerts fade, but there are a few things that are extraordinary. Those are the memories I’d tell my grand children or write them in “The memoirs of a concert junkie” (if there ever was something like that).

And as these moments are the ones that I want to remember, I need to write them down. I have no clue if they make sense for anyone who wasn’t there, but they do for me. And I’m sure I forgot a lot, but here are some special moments – ordered rather randomly:

  • First concert of the tour. The first support band is just done. I check my mobile – a new message: “Congratulations! You’ve been elected!” Elected? What? Why? Oh wait… this other band I work for. More responsibility! More work! Yay… ARGH! But well… two and a half weeks with Kaizers now. Let’s worry about the rest afterwards…
  • The Norwegian voice of my GPS. “Sving din hammer – NÅ!”
  • Worst timing ever: “Help, we don’t get in!” – “Not now!!!” Uuuh, okay, we can talk after the concert then… *lol* (And of course we did get in. And even made it to the front row. *g*)
  • Handing out flyers… A lot of people didn’t want to take them, of course. However, a handful actually passed us and CAME BACK afterwards. “Oh, Kaizers? Yes, I’ll take a flyer after all!”
  • Tasting Violeta vodka in the middle of the night…
  • Arriving in Vienna at 7:15 pm after four hours of sleep and ten hours in the car. Checking in. At the concert at 8:05.
  • And then there was the Mac incident…
  • Cologne. The first breath-taking concert of the tour. If the frontman is crying, the audience did everything right.
  • “Sind Sie Frau Fuchss?” (No offense! It was just really funny… *lol* It was great meeting you, see you again soon!)
  • Stealing toilet paper in Vienna. I wasn’t even part of it, but the story itself is just incredibly funny. *g*
  • My first trip to the casino – and instead of losing 30 Euros as was the plan, I actually won 30. Makes a plus of 60! (And still I didn’t have the slightest problem staying away from the casino on the ferry. *g*)
  • Watching WrestleMania on a tiny screen in the car between Vienna and Munich.
  • Schorndorf. Seemed like nobody in the audience knew the band. During the last song, Bak et halleluja, I looked around and saw smiling faces everywhere – no, not smiling, gleaming. Incredible!
  • “The best song was the one where Frankenstein was screaming into the megaphone!”
  • Sightseeing in Berlin at 2 am. “Let’s walk over to O2 World. You MUST see O2 World!” And of course, stopping at the wall afterwards.
  • Speed-shopping in Svinesund, on the way to Oslo, last concert of the tour. “You’ll get a can of sweets and something we can turn into a crowbar, we’ll find a baby body and markers. Let’s meet here in… five minutes?” We made it! =:-D
  • There’s still gaffa on my netbook!
  • Getting to the after show party after the Oslo concert. First thought: “Urgh, I don’t want to be here!”. Second thought: “Alcohol! That might help!” And then Kaizers went on stage, sang Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg, and we were standing arm in arm, singing along, concluding the tour. Afterwards, the party was just the party we had hoped for…
  • Copenhagen, the last “real” concert of the tour, because Oslo was so much bigger and I was tweeting during the concert. Front row, last song “Die Polizei”, standing arm in arm singing along… and Janove’s expression when he saw us.
  • Two weeks of spring. In March and April… =:-D

Thanks so much to all of you who were part of this tour! Most of all my travel comrades, of course, and everybody I met up with at the concerts. Thank you for the amazing time! And also a huge thanks and big smile for everyone who walked up to me during the concerts and said hi – we’ll meet again on the next tour.

Because yes, of course: There WILL be a next tour. And I will be there.

The four of us at the after show party in Oslo.

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3 Responses to “Three weeks of Violeta!”

  1. Torger says:

    There is Violeta Vodka???? I certainly need to know more about that.. 😉

    See you on the next concerts. Heja Bryne!


    • Torger says:

      The Lol was referring to:

      The best song was the one where Frankenstein was screaming into the megaphone!

      Got cut out somehow

    • Susi_S. says:

      There’s self-made Violeta vodka, yes – mix Absolut and violet essence. 😉