Kaizers go theater

Hmm… OK, so Kaizers will do a theater play now. Based on their lyrics, based on their text universe.

I don’t know. Somehow, I feel bad about that. Not so much because I think this might “be the end” (but that deserves another entry) – because hey, if that’s what they choose, that’s what they choose, and it’s just a fact to deal with, not anything to be sad about. But because I think it doesn’t do them justice.

I know that for lots of people, and even for a lot of fans (which I can’t really understand, honestly), Kaizers is their “mafia universe”. Well, sure, that is part of Kaizers. You can’t listen to the first albums without delving into the Kaizers universe. But is that really all? Can you reduce Kaizers to mafia, to the dark and mysterious, to Resistansen? No, I don’t think so. It’s just lyrics, nothing more. Music needs lyrics, so you have to come up with something, whatever it might be. For Kaizers, it was the underground universe, at least in the beginning. So yes, this milieu is related to Kaizers in my opinion as well. But it’s NOT what makes Kaizers.

Kaizers are so much more. I really can’t see them reduced to just this mafia thingy. And I fear that this is just what will happen. And they push it themselves, that’s what I don’t really get. But well, we’ll see – I’m sure it’s gonna be a fun play, no question about it. I’ll love it. It will be Kaizers. But it will never be all that Kaizers stand for, at least not for me. And I find it really sad that lots of people see Kaizers in this context, and in this context only. And no, I’m not talking about the people who hardly know Kaizers, but mostly about the fans. The fans that didn’t like Maskineri because it didn’t have a theme. (Of course it’s fine to not like Maskineri, but this reason is pretty lame…) The guys who judged competition entries and rejected my text adventure because it didn’t have a Kaizers atmosphere (meant was: a mafia atmosphere… ’cause there was a Kaizers atmosphere, but you would have to look at it for more than two minutes to find it…). The people that insist on gas masks and oil barrels on stage.

I always had the feeling Kaizers wanted to get away from that image. And now they turn around, 180°, and focus on the image they wanted to get rid of. Now, anybody care to explain that to me?


2 Responses to “Kaizers go theater”

  1. Annika says:

    Hmm, vllt ist es ja auch dazu gedacht, die ganzen geschichten mal von anfang bis ende zu erzählen, damit das thema abgeschlossen ist und sie sich auf was neues konzentrieren können und sie keiner mehr in interviews auf diese alten schinken anspricht 😉
    und ich glaube, diese “fans”, die so auf diesen ganzen gasmaksen-mafia-krams stehen, sind hauptsächlich pubertierende teenies (dieser eindruck entsteht zumindest, wenn man sich die profile auf dr.mowinckel anguckt 😉 ), die grad ne coole phase haben.
    ich mag die “neuen” kaizers auf jeden fall auch irgendwie lieber…
    und übrigens mal wieder schöne festivalberichte von dir 🙂