26.06.2010 Preview Xutos & Pontapés (Évora)

Yeah, I’m gonna see Xutos! =:-D

OK, so – who the hell is Xutos?! Well, Xutos & Pontapés is a Portuguese band. Actually, it’s probably the first Portuguese band I ever heard of, ’cause we listened to their song “Não sou o único” in my Portuguese class. And I loved the song!

So when I came to Portugal to study there for half a year, I already knew the band. Not quite my style, I suppose, but when they played a free concert in Estoril, I decided to go there. It was a pretty strange arrangement though – it was supposed to be a free concert in front of the Casino. But because they were expecting rain (huh? no cloud in sight…) they moved it into the Casino, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Mostly because there were way too many people there, I suppose. So I didn’t really see anything, and honestly – the concert was a bit lame. They were sitting on stage and doing some… folk songs, or something. And then I had to leave early to catch my last train back, and they hadn’t even played “Não sou o único” yet.

Still, I bought their CD a few days later, and I just loved it. Actually, I listened to it so much that a few days ago, when I put it in again after not listening to it for a few years, I could still sing along. Without understanding WHAT I was singing. Kinda spooky. *g*

Then, a few weeks before I was going back to Germany, there was a free festival in Lisbon, very close to where I lived. Of course I went there! Great decision, ’cause not only did I discover Pólo Norte, a band that I adore ever since (and that played the song “Vou p’ra longe” that night, a song that described my situation so perfectly at that time, and even though I heard it for the first time that night I understood every single word and had tears running down my cheeks ’cause it was so true…), but I also got to see Xutos again.

And: I found out that Xutos & Pontapés are actually a rock band. *uhem* Hey, I only knew their acoustic album! How should I know that this was their “Unplugged” album?! And that they played an acoustic concert in Estoril? Arrrgh. I should have known earlier. ‘Cause they really rocked that night, even though they only played three songs or so…

I actually thought about a trip down to Algarve to see a Xutos concert a few days before going back to Germany, but I just didn’t have the money to do that. So I never really got to see them! =:-(

But now is the time! I decided I want to have some real summer vacation this year. Just a week, but that’s better than nothing! And since I haven’t been to Portugal again since I lived there, the choice was easy, and I’m gonna spend a week in Costa da Caparica starting Thursday. =:-)

Of course I checked Xutos’ tour dates (and the ones of Pólo Norte as well, but they don’t play at all). And yep, Xutos will play in Évora at the time when I’m in Portugal! OK, Évora is not right around the corner from Costa da Caparica – but it’s feasible. And I am SO looking forward – can’t wait! =:-D

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