21.09.2018 Skambankt (Atlas, Aarhus)

Summer is over, festival season is over – and since I can’t simply accept either of those facts, I decided to extend summer by going to “Syden” and to see some more concerts by adding a stopover in Denmark on the way back up north. How convenient that Skambankt were on tour there just at the same time … =;-)

Unfortunately, the first show in Copenhagen didn’t fit my schedule, but two concerts in Aarhus and Odense are better than nothing, right? Especially since the Danish audience is usually quite enthusiastic. So even though they didn’t get any Skambankt concerts for the last four years, there was no doubt they would remember!

The Aarhus concert started with the support band Slivers. I really liked what they played, but found out that even if the singer doesn’t sing but scream, there’s still a difference between screaming in tune and screaming in the totally wrong pitch. =:-( So that wasn’t the best concert I’ve ever seen … even though the music sounded quite promising. Get yourself a singer that can hold a tune … *uhem*

Then it was time for Skambankt. The venue wasn’t full, but people gathered in the front, and even though they needed a few songs to warm up, it was obvious they were into it. It’s been a sad four years until Skambankt made it back to Aarhus, but they finally did! It seemed like many didn’t know the new songs, but they cheered nevertheless. And of course everyone loved the old stuff!

Not quite sure what happened during Levende legende or if I was maybe standing in a bad spot, but I didn’t hear the second voice in the chorus at all – that made the whole song sound rather bland. Too bad, but I still love that they keep it in the set. And people seemed to like it either way. =:-)

A bit later in the show, I was reminded that I still need to finish my report from the latest China tour, since I’ve seen Skambankt 150 times by now, all over the world, in Russia and China and … *lol* Well, the Danish language has a weird way of counting, so 150 is probably my correct amount of Skambankt concerts if you translate it to Danish (even though syvoghalvtreds might be a better translation *gg*).

As always, Skambankt “saved the best for last” and finished their show with Me sa nei (where they went down into the audience at the end, don’t think I’ve seen that before! =:-o) and Stormkast #1 (which wasn’t actually on the setlist, yay for extra songs!). And of course we had to count down in the middle of Me sa nei again, and since Aarhus had to prove they are better in maths than Copenhagen, the countdown started at 22 … (Not quite sure though if “I’m going to explain that in a slightly dumb-sounding way so that you can actually understand” is the smartest way to phrase that Danish sounds … uh … interesting to Norwegians. =;-) )

Slukk meg og Mantra as encores, and off they went – the audience wanted more, and when the lights went on, everyone left with smiling faces. Yay!

The setlist:

  1. Anonyme hatere
  2. Skambankt
  3. Dynasti
  4. Voodoo
  5. Levende legende
  6. Horisonten brenner
  7. Vår bør
  8. O dessverre
  9. Balladen om deg
  10. Desertør
  11. Me sa nei
  12. Stormkast #1
  13. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  14. Mantra

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