27.04.2013 Fozzy (Feierwerk, München)

27.04.2013 – Photos Fozzy (Feierwerk, München)

After the amazing concert in London, I decided I wanted more – so why not drive three hours to Munich on the day I got back home from London? =;-)

Said and done. I arrived in good time to also see Revoker this time – good concert, great crowd, but it didn’t really catch on for me. However, I was really surprised by the crowd! I expected the concert to be entirely different from the London show, with a crowd that doesn’t know the band(s) at all and that is just there because the concert was for free. Luckily, I was mistaken! Drowning Pool seemed to have quite some fans in the audience, and while there were hardly any Fozzy shirts, there were obviously wrestling fans in the crowd. And yes, there was quite a crowd! I hadn’t expected that many people. Not sure how it looked during the Fozzy gig, but when Drowning Pool played, the place was packed.

Just like in London, people went crazy as soon as Fozzy entered the stage. Even though there were a few technical problems in the beginning, and the sound was awful during the first songs. But it got much better quickly.

It was obvious that people were less familiar with the songs – there was maybe a handful of fans that actually knew the songs, everyone else was probably checking out the band for the first time. Which is not surprising since it was the first Fozzy gig in Munich! I’d guess 80% Fozzy virgins … but hey, I’m sure they all loved it, so mission accomplished!

So consequently, there was hardly any singing along, but the more dancing and moshing. OK, I prefer to keep out of the pit, but it always looks good. =;-) The first Fozzy chants were initiated from stage, but after that, the audience picked them up after every song again – awesome! After enemy, Fozzy tried to get us to sing the chorus again alone, just like they did in London, and the result was … cute. =;-) Hardly anyone knew the lyrics, so it probably sounded like “You-ou ENEMY! Uh uh uh… away? … times? … uuuh … my … ENEMY!!” *lol* The band looked amused. =;-)

Anyway, a great show and totally worth the three hour drive! Drowning Pool finished off the night, great atmosphere again, and I even remembered some of their songs which is always a good sign. And the audience just went crazy, stormed the stage, made the concert extra special. Wohooo!

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