21.04.2012 Kaizers Orchestra (Miniuka, Ås)

I wouldn’t really consider Ås the best concert town – I’ve seen two Skambankt concerts there, and while the concerts themselves were really great, the events there tend to be a bit confusing, and the audience is a terribly wild and pretty drunk student audience. But this time, the Kaizers concert in Ås fit so perfectly into my trip to Norway that I just HAD to go there! And actually, this concert confirmed what I expected: The concert itself was just amazing, the audience was really loud and enthusiastic, but then it also was a rather aggressive crowd and a lot of pushing in front of the stage, which is always quite annoying.

OK, maybe I should add that I ended up in the first row once again – but hey, what are you gonna do if you get into the concert hall and there is still free space in the front? *g* And it was a really nice place there with good view; just, as mentioned, with a lot of pushing – and especially unnecessary pushing – as well. (The girl that pushed her way into the front row beside me, for example, just kept on pushing throughout the whole concert. Even when she had more than enough place to stand comfortably. No idea where she wanted to go?! And when I decided after (!!) the concert that I was sick of pushing back just to keep my spot and unexpectedly took a step back – yes, I know, I’m mean =;-) – she almost fell over…)

But let’s talk about the concert! The setlist wasn’t perfect, in my opinion – it was okay, but for me there were too many of my “not necessarily favorites” in there. But well, the atmosphere made up for that! You can judge the atmosphere a bit by when and how ofter Kaizers go up on the barrels – and basically they were up there right from the beginning and again and again. Awesome!

Before they played “Din kjole lukter bensin, mor”, the Jackal announced the first duet of the night. Killmaster came up to him, smiling with joy – which suddenly changed when he noticed that the Jackal was not talking about him. =;-)

Omen knew how to keep busy throughout the concert again: If I saw it correctly (Hellraizer was standing in the way all the time *gg*), he had a flower in his suitcase this time – which he had to put into a glass of water, of course! Later, during Svarte katter, there was actually nothing unusual happening; Omen just dried off his sweat. But the break afterwards was dragged out and out and out for VERY long this time! Might have been due to all the “Helge!” choirs as well…

So the fans were REALLY loud, also before Kaizers played Hjerteknuser. But still, it didn’t help that we were quite a few people asking for the French opening; the Jackal decided: 50 people want the French opening, and the rest wants the Russian opening. So we got the vodka again – but this time out of a water glass! And Hellraizer filled it up pretty good… he didn’t want to drink it though. =;-) Even though the Jackal asked him a couple of times, Hellraizer just sipped on it. Killmaster helped a bit to empty it, but the rest was for the Jackal. Who really managed to finish it in one drag! Right before he climbed the barrel to get the fans to cheer even more and lifted up his shirt to achieve that. Seems like the link between the alcohol intake and the head was pretty short here. *gg*

Those who haven’t heard Diamant til kull before have obviously been living abroad the last two years – well, I’ve done that for way more than two years, but I did know the song! *g*

The Jackal explained that in case we have some constructive criticism or feedback or new ideas, we should send them in by mail or via facebook. But only constructive criticism, no deeper criticism! Everything else we should just keep for ourselves…. And after Kaizers played 170, Kvite russer (placed in the middle of the set this time, rather unusual!), and Philemon Arthur, the Jackal analyzed us in the audience: “Up here in the front we already got some constructive criticism. They want us to play some up-tempo songs now!” Which they managed perfectly with Psycho under min hatt.

And finally, an awesome play on words by the Jackal during Prosessen: “Andre applauderer, og det er sånne som oss. Sånne som Ås!” =:-D

The full setlist: I ett med verden, Tusen dråper regn, Knekker deg til sist, Delikatessen, 9mm, Blitzregn baby, Støv og sand, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet en for meg, Diamant til kull, Prosessen, 170, Min kvite russer, Philemon Arthur & The Dung, Psycho under min hatt, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Hjerteknuser. First encore KGB, Drøm videre Violeta, and Resistansen, second encore Sju bøtter tårer er nok Beatrice.

And the conclusion: I love this band!!!
And I really have to take a very close look at the festival plan and get that to fit into my plans for the summer…

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