12.03.2012 Kaizers Orchestra (Centraltheater, Leipzig)

Well, and way too soon the tour is over for me already. =:-( However, that means I’m at my usual computer again, I got a (more or less *grmbl*) reliable internet connection, and therefore I can write a “normal” report again. =;-)

I had heard some rumors before the concert that said: Centraltheater in Leipzig has seats. The concert junkie assessment, however, said: Well, they’ll surely have another hall without seats, or they’ll take them out or whatever, they can’t have Kaizers play in front of a seated audience.

At least that’s would you would think:

(Sorry for the bad quality – I didn’t take my camera, so my mobile was all I had to take pictures.)

Until the bell rang before the show started at eight o’clock (I’m NOT kidding, there really was a bell!), I’d been going back and forth between hysterical giggling and a worried “oh shit”. The whole situation was just so absolutely absurd – we were sitting in our chairs, waiting for the show to start. Or maybe for popcorn and the supporting movie? And after the amazing concert in Düsseldorf, I just couldn’t imagine how this could work in any way. Kaizers in front of a seated audience? How should they motivate themselves, and then deliver a show on stage that would sweep the audience away? And in addition, this was also the very first concert in Leipzig, and a first concert in a new town is always very difficult anyway. I sensed that this wouldn’t end well… =:-/

But then, I was sitting in the second row, pretty much in the middle, so that was cool. Hardly ever happens to me at concerts. Especially since I like to keep out of the worst crowds. *g*

So I quickly typed the first two songs of the set list into my phone, because they are always the same anyway, and then the lights went out and Kaizers entered the stage, without the Russian Dance or anything.

And started with Philemon Arthur & The Dung. Uh, what? What the hell? Was I in the wrong place, or at the wrong stage? *g* Anyway. Around me, everyone was grinning a bit embarrassed (me included), a slightly tense orchestra on stage played their first chords, and in the back of my mind, the awkward thought: “We can’t be sitting here, that’s impossible, that cannot work, we have to get up …” And right then, one guy at the side just couldn’t stand it any longer and jumped up, we joined in, relieved, and before the end of the first verse, the whole audience was standing in the aisles … Puuuh! The first row moved up to the edge of the stage, other people came and stood behind them, and we were in the second row of seats with no one crowding in and plenty of room for dancing, and the atmosphere was great – considering the circumstances and the fact that it was a first concert.

Of course, it took a few songs for the band to warm up and for the audience to understand what was happening on stage, but in the end, I left the concert with a gigantic smile and I was totally thrilled.

At least for me, that was not only due to the great concert, but even more because I realized that this amazing concert had been played by the same band that got the wild punk rock / gypsy crowd to dance and clap and go crazy the day before in Düsseldorf. So these were two absolutely fantastic concerts in a row – and they couldn’t have been more different! And if a band is able to deliver two such different concerts in the middle of a tour, despite all the stress, and manage to do so perfectly, then I can just take my imaginary hat off … terrific. Absolutely terrific!

The set list was completely modified and adapted to the situation – there was not one single gypsy song on it, but instead lots of ballads and of course a lot of “visual” songs, where a lot was happening on stage. I actually got På ditt skift, which I had desperately been waiting for – YEAH! -, followed by Fra sjåfør til passasjer. They played De involverte again, a couple of Hellraizer songs, and Bris … hach! Probably I should shut up now, so I don’t make everyone who didn’t get to see this concert too jealous, but then … pff, your own fault, your really missed out on something! =;-p

However, I have to say that I have no idea how “Kaizers newbies” perceived the show. Because this concert had NOTHING to do with the image of Kaizers that you probably have if you heard a couple of gypsy songs before, or saw Kaizers at a festival. But the “usual” kind of concert surely wouldn’t have worked in the theater … this way, it DID work. Kaizers couldn’t play the gypsy and party card this time, but instead they shone with their music and the visual expression. And they definitely managed to convince me that this is Kaizers Orchestra as well!

There was hardly any audience interaction this time; I suspect that the band hadn’t expected the audience to be so enthusiastic. And to try and convince a seated audience to sing along would have been a bit out of place – therefore, I could fully understand this and didn’t miss it at all. However, I could understand it if someone who has only seen Kaizers a few times and expected a “normal” Kaizers concert was a bit disappointed.

There’s not much details to report, because Kaizers played through their songs quite tightly. The Jackal admitted that it might be difficult to dance in the seat rows, but we should just try our best. Before they played De involverte, they talked about Johnny Cash; because they had dedicated this song to him the day he had died. The Jackal said Kaizers had been playing in Groningen that day. At that moment I realized that it doesn’t even help to stand RIGHT in front of the Jackal and shake your head and protest vehemently … *lol* They played in Munich that day, not in Groningen. That was my second Kaizers concert, and on the way to Munich we heard about Johnny Cash’s death on the radio. Pff, Groningen … =;-) But they did play De involverte in Munich, that part was true. (Oh, and they also played Salt & Pepper, just looked it up on the set list – so I did get to hear that at least ONCE. And still I want to hear it again, grr!)

I ett med verden was incredibly impressive. They played it after Din kjole lukter bensin mor this time. The song is nice as opener – but at that position in the middle of the set, the audience took off completely. Wow! I mean, WOW! The band seemed to be overwhelmed by the response as well – and surprised. The beginning just rocked, and the quiet part was phenomenal with the fantastic lighting … awesome.

Then we even got Bris. Before they played that one, the Jackal told the story from the book, about the girl in Paris – but he asked us to please not cry afterwards. =;-) During Svarte katter, Helge cleaned his gas mask, and the part where he bewitches his lamp and Thunders conducts the Jackal’s singing looked even more impressive than usual on the theater stage.

Hach … a “slightly” enthusiastic report. =;-) Overall, the concert wasn’t the “concert of concerts” – as mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people didn’t like the concert at all. But it was just so different and so unexpected that it totally blew me away.

Here’s the complete set list:

  1. Philemon Arthur & The Dung
  2. Enden av november
  3. Femtakt filosofi
  4. Far til datter
  5. På ditt skift
  6. Fra sjåfør til passasjer
  7. KGB
  8. Støv og sand
  9. Tusen dråper regn
  10. De involverte
  11. Jævel av en tango
  12. Dr. Mowinckel
  13. Rulett
  14. Din kjole lukter bensin, mor
  15. I ett med verden
  16. Bris
  17. Hjerteknuser
  18. Svarte katter & flosshatter
  19. Medisin & psykiatri
  20. Dieter Meyers Inst.

After the concert, we went for a drink at Vodkaria (no kidding, the place was really called Vodkaria!), and celebrated the conclusion of the tour… And it was just amazing! Fantastic. Guess I should stack a supply of chocolate now for the inevitable tour hole. I’m pretty sure I won’t get to see a certain orchestra again until at least the end of April…

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