31.03.2011 Kaizers Orchestra (Reitschule, Bern)

Rain when we arrived, not really anything to do the whole day, and when we got to the venue, it was almost entirely empty… then I was “forced” to stand in the front, the venue was crowded when the concert started, and the concert turned out to be absolutely amazing!

The setlist was the same as the one in Zürich, except for the encores of course. This time, we first got KGB and Bak et halleluja, and then Kvite russer.

The atmosphere was terrific (but then it’s always hard to judge that correctly from the front row), and the band was obviously having fun, and so they were talking quite a bit… And since I don’t have any time at all (why is life on tour so incredibly fast-paced? At least if you don’t have a tour bus, that is… *g*), here’s just a few notes. =;-)

  • I guess it really must be Switzerland – ’cause the Jackal hopped into the crowd during Resistansen again. Which was pretty easy actually, since there was no aisle or barriers in the front this time.
  • Before playing Din kjole lukter bensin, mor, the Jackal explained that Hellraizer was actually the only one who agreed to sing the duett with him… So for a change, the announcement was not about Hellraizer being nervous this time.
  • Mink went shopping and bought underwear for his wife for 350 Franken. Now he’s broke and needs to pass his hat around… “So this is where all the money goes!”
  • “Who was at the last concert here in Bern already? Did you notice how much my dancing moves improved? No?? But my dancing teacher says I got much better!” Hellraizer suggested he should pass the hat around as well to be able to pay the dancing teacher… =;-)
  • I didn’t really hear how it started, but probably someone called out a Norwegian curse word. So the Jackal explained that you always learn the curse words first when you learn a new language. “Hellraizer, you are fluent in German, what was your first word?” Hellraizer: “Schweizverglanz!” OK, he quickly corrected it to Schwanzvergleich… and called out all words he learned next. Number seven was “Käse”.
  • And they continued with different languages and announced the songs in four languages at a time: Norwegian, English, German, and French. Of course looking for help from the merch stand for the French versions. =;-)
  • The Jackal also wanted to know the Finnish translation for Kvite russer from the one Finn in attendance, but… obviously he wasn’t a Finn after all, just like the Jackal had suspected. *g*
  • Killmaster got carried away by his feelings during his solo in Kontroll på kontinentet, so that he had to have the Jackal slap him to stop him. The Jackal then pointed out that he thought the solo wasn’t really that good anyway… and the poll said: 50% thought the solo was great, 50% thought it sucked. At least that’s what the Jackal concluded… I would say that 100% of the votes went to “great”. =;-)
  • During the encores, the Jackal thanked the audience – in Norwegian. And he closed with a “And if you didn’t understand that, you still set value on it, I hope!” Oh yes, we do!
  • Bak et halleluja endes with the audience singing, pushed on by the Jackal – and the Jackal went up half a tone for every round. *lol* Maybe that was to make up for the middle part in Maestro, where he – on purpose – sang flat?
  • When the Jackal announced the last song, he was booed, because the audience wanted to hear more. His answer: “Boo to you!!” *rofl* (Yes, it’s the little details that make a concert great, right? =;-))
  • And talking about little details: During Kvite russer, Omen was standing on stage waving his arms. I NEVER expected to see that!

Conclusion: YEEEEAAAAAHHH! Mooooore! =:-D

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