15.10.2010 Skambankt (Rock 51, Sarpsborg)

Skambankt return to Sarpsborg! Last year’s concert at Rock 51 was a bit… weird. But that didn’t prevent me from going there again – especially since Sarpsborg’s quite easy to get to, and with another concert in Ås the next day, it was absolutely worth taking a little trip to Norway again!

Sarpsborg itself turned out to be a nice enough little town – but too small to spend a whole afternoon without getting bored. =;-) But I had some stuff to work on anyway, and after a nice and tasty dinner it was time to get ready for the concert!

At Rock 51, we were welcomed by the merch guy (he he, yep, THAT is how you sell stuff! *g*) and got to greet some fellow fans. This time, the stage was arranged a bit differently, so that – even though there was a pillar right in front of the stage and it was hard to see – it felt more like a concert place than a bar with some noise coming out of a corner, like it was last time. =;-)

The concert started with the Eliksir intro, followed by the first song Mantra. Next song up was Skambankt – and it was clear right away that the audience wanted to have fun. The audience was quite mixed, so there were some people who were amazingly enthusiastic, while others just stood and looked on. But all in all, people seemed to enjoy what was happening; and all were definitely interested, unlike last time in Sarpsborg.

Not much talk though – there were some question about who had been there last time, who had heard Hardt Regn and so on, but that was almost it. A little remark when the guitar wasn’t in tune (“That happens when you don’t check it yourself!”), but apart from that, they let the songs do the talking. =;-)

Third song was Slukk meg for eg brenner, then Amnesty, Dynasti, and Fritt fall. Yay! =:-D Then Løgnprofitør, Malin, Kaos så inferno, and Me sa nei. That one with some nice explosions in the middle, hadn’t heard that before. *g* The last songs were O dessverre, Tyster, and Stormkast #1.

Throughout the concert you could see how much fun Skambankt had on stage – and that’s always great to watch! Even though it is a bit weird to see Terje in the dictator position. =;-) Ordering the others up on the barrier, casting reproachful looks to whoever played a wrong note – but not only that, also turning around to guide everyone through a passage of Tyster that (at least that’s my assumption *g*) never worked out right. This time it did. Terje just has to start conducting… *lol*

They went off and came back shortly after to play the last two songs, KKK and Min eliksir. And I noticed that I don’t remember the lyrics to any of them, ooops. =;-) Well, I guess I’ll have another chance tonight…

So, a great concert, but it might be possible to even top it tonight! Let’s see if they’ll manage that. =:-)

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