03.10.2009 Skambankt (Garage, Bergen)

Actually, I had decided to skip the Skambankt tour this fall. Not because I didn’t want to see any Skambankt concerts (of course I want to!!), but because the dates were so inconvenient for me, and ’cause I’d been to Norway five times this year already… Then Skambankt announced that they would play Slukk meg on this tour, and I decided to take a closer look at the dates after all. =;-)

Turned out that the Bergen was actually feasible! And Bergen is always nice (and wet…), so yep, another Skambankt concert for me this year after all, yippieh! =:-D

I arrived in pouring rain, did some shopping, met my friend, got to see lots of crocodiles, and after a nice dinner and a short Vorspiel it was time for the concert. Of course with the obligatory “no, your name is not on the guestlist” before… But hey, it would be boring if you just got in without trouble, right? =;-)

Anyway, Linda got us a great spot, front row right side, where we could see perfectly, had space to move and weren’t pushed at all. Yeah! No support act, so we had to spend the time until the concert started with talking, drinking wine, and taking pictures of ourselves. *g* By the way, speaking of pictures – my batteries were dead, so I couldn’t take any pictures this time. Didn’t really matter though, ’cause the lights were terrible for photos anyway, and so I could enjoy the concert. =;-)

Just before Skambankt came on, I joked around that if they started with Vår Bør now and didn’t play Slukk meg, I’d walk right out. And five seconds later, we got a first glimpse at the setlist – which started with “Vår Bør”… *lol* Luckily I took the time to check the rest of the songs before walking out, as YES, Slukk meg was on the list! =:-D

So, here’s the setlist: Vår Bør, Skambankt, Slukk meg, Me sa nei, Dynasti, Malin, Alarm, Nok et offer, Tyster, Desertør, Tanker som mareritt, O dessverre, Stormkast #1, encore Panzersjokk.

Right from the beginning, it was clear that the concert would be great – it was sold out (one and a half weeks in advance, so it HAD to be a great show!), the audience went along, and everybody knew the lyrics. OK, almost everybody, except for the guy in the center of the stage. =;-) (Naah, exaggerating here, he just struggled a little bit with the beginning of Alarm. And no, I couldn’t have helped there… *g*)

Slukk meg worked out even better than I had hoped for – the audience just went crazy, everybody loved it, just amazing! I really hope they’ll keep it in the set, ’cause it can easily keep up with the “hits” like Alarm or Me sa nei.

As always, Skambankt stopped in the middle of Me sa nei, to have the audience sing the refrain and then take it up again. Just that this time, they almost forgot to take it up again, ’cause they were so busy apologizing for some guestlist troubles, uhem. *gg* Hey, really, no problem at all, I AM used to it (and not only from other Skambankt concerts *g*) – but thanks for the sweet apology… =:-)

Anyway, they DID play the ending of Me sa nei after all. Then Dynasti and Malin, before they shifted gear up again with Alarm. As always, a girl had to come up on stage to count in. Sorry, forgot her name, but yes – she COULD count to four!

Then back to the quieter and darker music with Nok et offer, followed by Tyster, where we had to sing the chorus once more after the song – because while Skambankt were playing, they could only SEE that we were singing along, but they wanted to HEAR it as well.

And then the old song with the easy chorus: Desertør. For everybody who’s been with them right from the beginning! (Oh, by the way, talking about the “old” audience – did I mention the guy who was obviously accompanying his minor son to the concert, and in the end, daddy was in the front row, with his son behind him? *lol*) And though I have to admit that I never really cared for Desertør, it is just amazing live. They had a long improvised solo in it, which worked out perfectly.

Tanker som mareritt as last “dark” song before the final songs O dessverre and Stormkast, and then they went off – okay, not REALLY off, because that’s impossible at Garage, and they were back pretty fast. I was hoping for Når du ber din nød, but no – the encore was Panzersjokk. Not gonna complain about that one! =;-) I expected KKK as last song, but they just went off… =:-( But hey, another great concert, and I enjoyed it a lot!

And as our hotel was right above the concert place, we could just stay at Garage until they kicked us out and then crawl up the stairs to our room… *g* Sleep in the next morning, get breakfast, and then look at some more crocodiles (dead this time *g*) in rainy Bergen before getting on the bus to the airport.

All in all, it was a great trip again! With great company and a great concert – thanks a lot! =:-) And now we only need to move our product release so that I get to go to Moss and Sarpsborg… uhem. *g* Not gonna happen though. =:-(

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