1.5.2009 Kaizers Orchestra (Mono, Oslo)

The next concert – Oslo, Mono. Actually, we had planned to see Killmaster’s photo exhibition, but no: It was closed because of the holiday. =:-( Too bad, but so we went on to the signing instead. And yes, I actually managed to buy my CDs! I had almost given up on that…The rest of the day, we enjoyed the great sunshine outside – spring at its best, not really what you would expect for Norway at this time of the year!

Because of yesterday’s good result, we decided to go to Mono fairly early as well. And this was a good idea – we got a great spot at the side of the stage, not too crowded and with a perfect view. OK, we got to see the Jackal only from behind, but well… this was a new experience as well… =;-)

The setlist was the same again (thus no Internasjonalen =:-(), and I thought that the atmosphere was very strange in the beginning. No clue why – maybe because Oslo people are “too cool”, or maybe because a lot of people didn’t seem to know the album yet. But it took a while until the audience finally woke up. There was hardly any singing (except for Mr. Kaizer, of course), and in my opinion, people weren’t really excited and going along (except for our corner *gg*). The Jackal tried to get a feel for the audience – who is seeing the first Kaizers concert today? There was only one person who raised her hand, except for me, of course (hey, the first concert is always the best, so I have seen 103 first concerts by now! *gg*). But the Jackal didn’t believe me.. tse. =;-) But this might have been another reason for the strange atmosphere – normally, the hardcore fans tend to wait for entertainment rather than working hard to lift the roof. =;-)

But no reason to complain – at some point in time, everybody seemed to “wake up” und the concert turned out REALLY nice. The Jackal was talking all the time, and we got some storied we hadn’t heard before… But the first part of the concert was rather “normal”, with some talk about the songs that we had heard before or that is also written in the booklet of the album. Before playing Die Polizei, the Jackal pointed out again how impressive it is that Kaizers had never recorded the song, but everybody could sing along anyway. Prosessen (“We didn’t record that song back then because it was too much pop – but by now you know that we don’t play THAT kind of music normally..”) and Senor Torpedo were just amazing again. I really hope they’ll keep on playing those songs in the ordinary concert set from now on!

And then it was time for the “old” (or rather: “usual”) songs. First, Hellraizer got to choose a song he would like to play. He thought about it for a while, and then he (surprisingly *g*) chose KGB. =;-) Then it was Killmaster’s turn to wish for a song, and he decided for Ompa til du dør… OK, so now we finally know why he doesn’t get to talk into the mike on stage, normally. =;-) Because they played Apokalyps meg first, of course. Thus Hellraizer got to wish again, and after a short “Vær så god, Geir Zahl!” we got to hear the guitar intro.

Then it was time for stories. Because we all have some time, right? Or is there someone who needs to get home? The Jackal could tell so many stories about Killmaster… like the one about Killmaster’s first tattoo. He was 14 years old and had exactly 500 kroner. He wanted to get an American Indian, but that one costed 550 kroner – 50 too much. And little Killmaster, 14, with even blonder hair and lighter skin at that time, didn’t dare to negotiate with the big bad rocker that did the tattoo (who was not part of Hell’s Angels, but later, the gangs fusioned). So instead, he got a panter.. which Terje showed us proudly, of course. But well, this is still better than wanting a big eagle, like Hellraizer, and getting a little sparrow instead… but well, Hellraizer had it lasered anyway. Or more precisely, he had his whole arm cut off with a laser sword and got a new one. *lol*

Uhm ja. And all of this in the middle of the concert.. before they finally continued with Ompa til du dør. *g* And of course they needed the oil barrel for that one. It was standing on the floor in our corner, and for some reason, Hellraizer decided he wanted to have it on the table right in front of us. And yes, RIGHT in front of use. *gg* Well, we found that mostly funny, but Omen seemed a bit sceptical, because the barrel didn’t stand tight there, of course. But well, so we had to hold the barrel in place. Worked out pretty well, and only one glass fell to the floor. =;-)

There wasn’t really a break before the encore – probably they didn’t want to fight their way through the crowd to the backstage area and back, so Kaizers only pretended to go off stage for a moment before coming back for Under månen and a premiere: The first time Mink should sing on stage! He just had to be prepared – what were the lyrics again? It took some effort, but finally, the Jackal managed to remember them. And Mink got a lot of applause for his two lines! =;-)

And off they went… We screamed for more very long and very loud, but it didn’t help. Too bad… =:-( But a wonderful concert, and the evening ended up to be very long and very funny. Just like Mono always is!

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