29.8.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Døgnvill, Tromsø)

You can say what you want, concerts and festivals are best when you can sleep in your own bed when the action’s over. The weather was cold, as it has been all summer in Tromsø, but at least there was no rain in sight. Kaizers were scheduled to play at a quarter to nine, and only for an hour. Way too little time for them in my opinion… But there was time enough for me to mingle and meet friends before the show.

The new intro song again – and I still don’t like it much. Not that the song is bad and doesn’t fit well with Kaizers’ music, it’s just not Russian Dance. Next time I think I’ll have to play it before I go to the concert to get the right feeling. *g*

The audience was great, singing along, dancing and smiling and really excited. And, as always, there were many that had come to their very first Kaizer concert. Probably a lot more than the ones who had seen them before. Welcome to the Family… It’s a pretty big one by now. =:-)

The Jackal was remembering the very first time they were in Tromsø, in 2001, and he asked if anyone had been to that concert – and got a very loud cheer back. But no, that was impossible because there had only been about 50 people at Driv that time, so certainly someone had to be lying. Anyway, he said it was great to be back in the city with the great heart. And it sure was great having them back!

The setlist: Maskineri, Knekker deg til sist, Delikatessen, Di grind, 9mm, Blitzregn Baby, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Apokalyps meg, Kontroll på kontinentet, Sigøynerblod, Resistansen and Maestro. This time I’m positive both about the songs they played and the order of them (I wrote them down…).

There was no introduction of the band this time, they just skipped that entire part of Kontroll på kontinentet. I didn’t miss it that much though, I’ve seen it a couple of times before… Maybe it’s time for them to come up with something new… Or maybe not, it’s an important part of the act and even if it’s okay to see one concert without it, I think it would be deeply missed if they left it out for good.

The next morning I was standing guard at the back entrance to the festival area, and found both of the oilbarrels placed behind the stage. For a moment I considered getting my car and taking one of them with me – but where would I place it? And really, what am I supposed to do with an oilbarrel? *g*

And that was it. The end of Festival Summer 2008. I guess it’s time to plan ahead… Now, when and where’s the next concert?

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