26.7.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Val Lumnezia, Degen)

Three months since my last Kaizers concert – and 12 concerts of Die Ärzte in the mean time… so it was about time to get to see something different again!

So I decided to go to the festival in Switzerland – not really close for me, but it was a Saturday, great weather, taking a trip into the mountains. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

As the name Val Lumnezia suggests, the festival took place in a valley – but a valley up in the mountains. Going there was quite adventurous – the tiny road suddenly turned into a dirt road (okay, there was a sign about construction work, but you don’t expect something like this!), and just like it always is with mountain roads, the ground dropped down VERY steeply on one side of the road… So I was already afraid of going back down (on the side of the abyss!) at night. But luckily, it was dark then, so I didn’t see it and thus didn’t need to worry. *gg*

But once I arrived at the festival, I was really pleased. The organisation of the festival was great, the terrain was perfect (sloping towards the stage), and it wasn’t too crowded either.

Before Kaizers, Clueso and some Swiss hip hop band played, but then it was time for the main act (well, ok, actually that was HIM who played after Kaizers, but who cares about them? *g*). And Kaizers were in the best mood! You could see that they didn’t really expect anything from the festival and thus went on stage absolutely relaxed – and because of that, they were excited at once by the audience’s reaction. Because the audience was going crazy right from the beginning! =:-D

The setlist was a typical festival setlist, and if I may complain a bit here: There could have been a few more songs from the current album in there. But obviously, they didn’t bring the marimba at all, so they probably couldn’t play some of the songs…

Here’s the list: Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, 9mm, Hevnervals, Container, Sigøynerblod, Blitzregn Baby, Apokalyps meg, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, KGB, Delikatessen, Bak et halleluja, Resistansen, Maestro.

As I wrote already – the audience was really excited and enthusiastic, so that the Jackal fell in love with the audience right away. And of course we were the best festival crowd ever! And not only the audience was excited – there were so many photographers in the aisle that they almost ran into each other. When the Jackal and Hellraizer noticed that, they had to take their chance of course and pose for the cameras. Hmm, I’m just not so sure if the Jackal will be happy about the pictures where Hellraizer showed hare’s ears behind his head… =;-)

The Jackal praised the nice countryside – but well, the same exists in Norway as well. This is why Norway and Switzerland are such good friends! And next time, we are supposed to come to Norway. We are all invited to stay at his house in Stavanger, five, six thousand people will fit in there, and he will show us Norway like nobody has ever done before.

Hmm, what else? I guess I shouldn’t mention that the Jackal’s hair cut is a real girl’s hair cut. And Mink grew his hair – mostly in the face… *g*

Of course we had to scream “yeah” and “halleluja” all the time – but only after the Jackal confirmed the right pronunciation of halleluja in Switzerland: hallelOOja or hallelYja. And they actually managed to consistently stick to hallelOOja all the time!

A lot of stuff was thrown on stage. For example some stuffed animal that the Jackal threw back into the audience right away – just to find it back on stage a moment later. But Hellraizer was happy about this, because he couldn’t have gone to sleep at night without the orange… something. Shortly after, someone threw a weird construction made out of fluorescent sticks on stage. And of course, Hellraizer put it on his head and looked incredibly stupid for the next few minutes. *g*

And _finally_, there was a LaOla at a Kaizers concert! There’s so many places in their songs where you just expect it, but up to now, the Jackal never started it. And there’s hardly anything that is more annoying than having your hands up in the air and waiting for somebody to “start” the LaOla – and then nothing happens and you just take down your hands again. But this time, it worked perfectly. The Jackal started the LaOla, and the whole band stared into the audience, fascinated and thrilled. How nice… =:-)

Whenever you say cheers to somebody, you have to look that person in the eyes – and if you don’t do it, it means seven years of bad sex. Everybody knows this, but the Jackal identified several people in the audience who screwed up…

Most people in the audience had never heard of Kaizers before, obviously – but everybody was just excited! You could really notice that during Resistansen: We had to sing the “Ompa til du dør” part. But as hardly anybody knew the song, people were just singing the first part. *g* But really enthusiastically!

So all in all, I was really thrilled by the concert – and it was really necessary for me, after all the stadium concerts during the last weeks. And all this with a band on stage that is completely fascinated by a “common” LaOla (just lifting the arms, from the front to the back) – what would they say if they saw any kind of DÄ-LaOla? *gg*
And even though there were some HIM fans in the front row that didn’t move at all – that didn’t do any harm to the overall atmosphere. So, another part of Europe conquered. Completely!

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