16.4.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg)

Yeah, there we go! =:-) OK, the concert wasn’t better than Berlin, and maybe not even quite as good, but anyway absolutely terrific!

The setlist was almost exactly as in Berlin: Maskineri, Bastard sønn, 9mm, Sigøynerblod, Veterans klage, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Blitzregn baby, Volvo i Mexiko, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, Delikatessen, Apokalyps meg, Maestro, encore KGB, Container and Resistansen, second encore Bak et halleluja, third ecore Min kvite Russer.

Yes, exactly – third encore! =:-o Something you really wouldn’t expect at a Kaizers concert. But after playing Bak et halleluja as second encore, the audience just kept on singing, of course. All the time, and VERY loud, so they just couldn’t leave, no way. =;-) It was only the Jackal and Omen who came out again though (Omen WITHOUT JACKET, have you ever seen that before???), and of course it was the audience that had to sing. =;-)

The beginning was very similar to the concert in Berlin, and actually, I was worrying about what I should write today… =;-) The atmosphere on stage was great again. I had the impression that the audience was a bit more quiet than yesterday – but that might have been due to my position in the audience, or maybe to my experience from the last concert in Hamburg. There, I was pretty far back, and somehow I had the feeling to be “out”, to not really feel anything about the atmosphere. This time I was in front, perfect view, great atmosphere – but I still had it in the back of my head that in the back of the hall, it was probably completely quiet and boring… Sometimes you’d like to switch off your brain. *g* But lateron the Jackal explained that the people in the back got their drinks for half price to compensate for them being in the back. And we in front were drunk already anyway. =;-)

Not much new happening at the beginning – I already knew the announcements from the Berlin concert, especially the one about Veterans klage being 1:40. What was new was Hellraizer’s comment to “We had the song timed in Amsterdam!”: “Yeah, we actually found someone with a clock!” *lol*

In the beginning, the Jackal actually had to work a bit to get the audience to participate, especially the people in the back. During Sigøynerblod, it did take a bit until everybody had their hands up in the air. Even though they actually had a real gypsy on stage this time! (Up on the barrel to the left of the stage… uhm, okay. *g*) But when Kaizers started talking about soccer, everybody was following along. ‘Cause St. Pauli had just won their match, 3:1, and actually, Kaizers wanted to go see it – but instead, they had to do interviews. Even though they really hate to talk about the new record and how great their music is… They would have preferred the game! And then they pointed out that Pauli helped Cologne by winning, and there’s probably some kind of alliance there – but hey, how should they know, they are from Norway and thus neutral. OK, not quite as neutral as Sweden, at least they take a stand. It’s all about control – namely Kontroll på kontinentet!

Volvo i Mexiko is a song about a car – “but in the end, someone dies!” And then it was time for all the danceable songs, because Hamburg loves to dance! Whenever some other band asks the Jackal about what they should play in Hamburg, he gives them the advice: “Play some danceable songs!” *g*

At the end of the concert (I think it was during Resistansen), the securities pulled out some crowdsurfers in the front. And the Jackal explained: “This is the quickest way out! So, if you need to get up early to go to work tomorrow and have to leave now, just surf to the front, the guys in the aisle will throw you out then…” Well, maybe I should mention that Uebel & Gef&aruml;hrlich is in the 4th storey of a big bunker-like building and that the Jackal mimicked how this “throwing out” would look like.. (“waaaah! *flatsch*”) *rofl*

During Bak et halleluja, we had to scream “hey” once again – always just after the Jackal screamed into the mike. I’m sure we’ll get to hear that more often now, at least it was really cool.

And then, as I mentioned already, we got Kvite Russer as the last encore. Very nice, great atmosphere, and in the end Omen was actually allowed up front to take a good look at the audience.. =:-)

Hach… great! Only three more times… *sigh*

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