14.4.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Alter Schlachthof, Dresden)

Well, if you ever wondered how the flood at the Elbe could come about – it’s not a surprise, considering how much it rains there… *grmbl* Or well, actually I arrived in the nicest sunshine. But as soon as I had dropped my stuff at the hostel and was ready to explore Dresden, it started pouring. And it just kept on raining throughout the night, it actually seemed more like swimming home after the concert than walking… *sigh*

But well, that makes it even nicer to arrive at the concert place in the end. It turned out to be extremely empty though during Geoff Berner’s gig… And also when Kaizers came on, it still wasn’t filled. But at least it didn’t look as bad anymore…

But Kaizers didn’t let that spoil their fun, and it seems like they really enjoyed the off-day yesterday! Especially Killmaster was very energetic and a tiny bit theatrical. =;-)

The setlist: Maskineri, Bastard Sønn, 9mm, Sigøynerblod, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Blitzregn baby, Volvo i Mexiko, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, Delikatessen, Apokalyps meg, Maestro, encore KGB, Katastrofen and 170.

So the setlist was missing both Bak et halleluja and Resistansen! A bit weird, but surprisingly, I hardly noticed. The atmosphere in the audience was pretty good – okay, I’ve seen audiences that were more enthusiastic, but other audience have been a lot more quiet as well. =;-) And most people seemed to really enjoy themselves, just as Kaizers on stage obviously did.

During Sigøynerblod, the guitar players got up on the barrels – or to be precise, only Hellraizer did in the beginning, because Killmaster didn’t quite dare. But the Jackal convinced him patiently – “It’s his first time!” *g* – and he made it up veeeeerrrry carefully.

The great thing for Kaizers on tour is that the first row in the audience never gets older. They started touring ten years ago – and the people in the front were just the same age as they are now. =;-) Then they asked around a bit whether there is some “really old people in the audience, like 35 or so…” *lol* And they pointed out a man in the back of the audience as Thunder’s new idol – he had no hair, but a very long beard. And Thunder had to promise to grow such a beard as well, he’s got four years for that. Well, let’s see. =;-)

Before playing Volvo i Mexiko, it was Killmaster’s turn for a change to get an artist attack. Or maybe it was just an attack of stage fright? In any case it was impossible for him to start the song. First he needed a drink, then a cigarette, and finally some support from the audience – and he would never have made it without us. =;-) Well, he still didn’t play exactly right in the end, but it was acceptable… *g*

Towards the end, suddenly some squeaking in the audience, followed by long discussions on stage – unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to understand anything there, as they were talking without microphones. =;-) The audience got a bit impatient, and the Jackal asked whether we wanted them to play instead of just talk. Cheers from the audience. Hellraizer: “Oh, fuck off…” Jackal: “He’s a charming fellow…”

Hmm, what else? Hellraizer was so kind to clean the stage after spitting water during his introduction (ok, maybe only because he slipped right after, but well *g*), the Jackal conducted the backline a few times and Omen jumped on and off the podium. And someone should really give him a new switch for his lamp. =;-)

All in all a very solid and entertaining concert. No all-time-high, but definitely worth going there! Next stop Berlin… =:-)

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