17.10.2007 Cloroform (Driv, Tromsø)

Hmm… what can I write about a Cloroform concert? I mean, except that it was really weird, but really really great anyway, of course… =;-)

It was perfect timing that Cloroform played in Tromsø the night before Skambankt played there – so I finally got to see them again. And I was really curious how the concert would be. Mostly because I’m really not the person who enjoys concerts that are fully improvised – and after the last tour Cloroform said that they wanted to get back “to the roots” a bit, which means the concerts would become even more “chaotic”, without setlist and with lots of room for free improvisation.

But no, that wasn’t really the case, at least in my opinion. In the beginning, the first few minutes were very… uhm… “experimental”, but then it got better and better. I liked it a lot! Of course I don’t have a clue about how much of what happened on stage was planned like that or improvised. But in any case, there was a setlist and you could tell when one song was finished and the next one started. =;-)

Sadly, there weren’t that many people in the audience. And those who were there came pretty late. But no problem, that meant that everybody could see the soccer match before the concert. *g* And of course, they talked about it on stage. Also, Kaada hat just gotten a new synthesizer, so that had to be celebrated. With the song fruit chimpanzee of course! (This here had been the big headline of the day! *gg*) Oh, and by the way, if a drummer starts yelling “én”, everbody has to shout back “2-3-4” of course. =;-)

To put it short: A great concert! And I’m really looking forward to seeing them here in Germany again!

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