13.4.2007 Skambankt (Grimstad)

Ok, first I feel the need to tell you that the bus transports from where I live suck. It’s nonexistent after 4 pm and that means I have to talk my parents into driving.
Because of this I had to catch the 6:20 bus from Eydehavn and would then be in Grimstad 7:20. My father ended up driving me all the way though, since I forgot my ticket (bad luck of Friday 13th kicking in).
So then I was outside Luftslottet at 7:30 in the middle of the sound checks. I listened and halfway watched through a door. Then I ended up walking around, taking pictures of Sonja and peeking at Skambankt smoking outside.
When the clock finally showed 9 pm the staff started preparing for checking people’s tickets. I had to go and ask them to do it. I had sat around inside for so long they didn’t notice.
The concert was supposed to start at 10 (all the posters and internet bought tickets said so), but they had apparently moved it to 11 pm. That meant a lot more of waiting around.
Finally at 11 we were let into the concert hall and Skambankt came on at 11:30. After four hours of waiting on my part.

In the beginning it seemed like there were really few people. We were some 6 or 7 standing at the front and some sitting along the walls. But when the intro started people showed up. By the end of the first song, there was a crowd in front of the stage.
The setlist: Intro, Nok Et Offer, Me Sa Nei, Stormkast, Skambankt, Desertør, Dynasti, Rev . Agg, Alarm, Tyster, Min Eliksir, Fritt Fall, Skamania. As Encore: Ordets Gud and KKK.
Managed to get a picture of Terje’s setlist before the concert so had an idea of what we would get.

After the first two songs or so Terje announced since this concert was supposed to have been almost two months ago. And since they hadn’t played in three weeks, they would make it up now.

The concert was great! People were jumping and screaming and singing. All seemed to have a good time and it wasn’t much pressure at the front. That means no bruises for me =) The only bad thing was my camera dying on me halfway through. So I didn’t get a lot of pictures. And I couldn’t get a picture with the band afterwards.

I can’t tell a lot of what happened when or all the announcements, since I can’t remember or didn’t get it, but here are some stuff:

  • Between a couple of the first songs Terje announced that when he’s having a good time, he loses his tie. And proceeded to take it off.
  • During the second (?) song the microphone swung out of place while Terje was singing. Se gave it a really weird look then just switched to the other. I guess here we saw the benefits of a double mic stand.
  • Tollak got rid of his shirt around halfway through, and I noticed that he had a tattoo. It’s hidden under the bass strap.
  • For Alarm Terje got a girl from the first row to count up (En To Tre Fir!). She got to dance around the stage for that song. Then Terje said: “It’s unbelievable! We found somebody who could count.”
  • The audience also had to count at some point, in the middle of a song. I can’t remember which one though.
  • Between Tyster and Min Eliksir Terje started a frantic search through all of his pockets for a pick (he had just given his away). He only found his lighter though, which he threw across the floor (he got it back from Hans Egil after the show). He got one from Tollak.
  • After the pick search someone told them that Grete and Sveinung’s birthdays, so Terje dedicated the next song to them. A song about feeling good, Min Eliksir.
  • For the bass intro of Skamania Tollak climbed up on the drum stand. And Terje just announced: “Look at him!”
  • There was some weird talk about Tollak changing jobs. And then pointing to something on the wall by the stage. I didn’t get that at all.

After the show, and when I got my breath back, I managed to get one of the staff to get me a drumstick. Then I went outside to get a poster. When I got back in Terje and Børre were hanging around the merchandise stand. I bought one of the men’s T-shirts and made Børre laugh for some reason. I don’t know how?
Then I got Terje and Børre’s autographs on my drumstick, poster and CD. And Børre offered to get Tollak and Hans to sign them too.
Then I just hung around waiting, got to talk a bit to Terje and Tollak (when he showed).

When I finally got home at 2:30 am I was happy, tired and in dire need of a shower. It was great!

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