9.12.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Vega, Kopenhagen)

The last concert. Dreaded and awaited at the same time…

The first thing I noticed was that the doubts about the concert weren’t baseless: The gallery was completely closed, and the ground level was only filled maybe half when HGH went on stage… =:-/ And this was dangerous, of course, ’cause it meant that the audience was a lot less loud than the two previous nights – with a sold out house. And of course you noticed this throughout the concert. The Jackal didn’t jump into the audience, and in general, the interaction with the audience was less than at the other concerts. But anway – Kaizers were hot and eager to deliver a great final show. And they did!

During the HGH gig, some of the crew and Kaizers came on stage to sing along during “I’m in love with my brother”. And they had a lot of fun doing so, or at least they made it seem like it. =;-) And the crew even tried their luck as background dancers. Sadly, I couldn’t set my camera to video fast enough. *gg*

Then Kaizers – and this time, the setlist they had written down had hardly any resemblance to the songs they played. So here’s what I think they played:
KGB, Delikatessen, Knekker deg til sist, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Senior Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn Baby, Veterans klage, Død manns tango, Kontroll på kontinentet, Rulett, Dekk Bord, De involverte, Maestro, encore Bak et halleluja, Resistansen, 170, second encore Die Polizei.

All in all, I got the feeling that the energy was gone a little. Kaizers seemed a bit tired on stage, and well, the lyrics… anybody remember the lyrics? =;-) Already in the very beginning the Jackal had to ask the audience to help him out, and lateron, Hellraizer missed a verse during Dekk Board… (By the way, at that occasion I remembered that the day before, he had substituted the horse in “Styrmannen jobbde som en hest” by a snikker *gg*). But all this didn’t really matter, ’cause it was very clear to see that they wanted to give all they had, and that’s exactly what they did. And the setlist did the rest for a perfect show!

The Jackal has his mail sent to Vega by now, ’cause he’s there all the time anyway. Hellraizer brought out his vampire teeth from Hamburg again during the presentation, looking frightening. Thunder got some Christiania socks from the audience, Hellraizer a pink stuffed animal, and “please deliver all other presents to the merchandise, thank you!” After the girl from Finnland was invited backstage again, lots of Danes miraculously turned into Finns. And when Hellraizer went up to the mike to sing his songs, he interpreted the shout “Take off your clothes!” as “he loves something, but I don’t know what”. And that was just before he panically started looking for the tambourine. =;-)

Before Kaizers played Kontroll på kontinentet, they got Lars Kaizer up on stage, because it was his 50th concert. He seemed to enjoy it up there quite a lot. =:-) And the introduction lasted a bit longer this time – it was the end of the tour, so not only the band was introduced, but also the crew. And it was nice to see how different they reacted and who wanted to get away as fast as possible and who really enjoyed his five seconds. And Elvis was allowed to hit the barrel lateron – looked like it was a first time there. *g*

During Katastrofen, the Jackal was hit by a cup of beer… or luckily, only the beer, not the cup, but it didn’t seem very comfortable anyway. So after the song, he asked who had dared to throw beer at Kaizers – and the culprit actually raised his hand. So he was ordered to come up on stage! Where the Jackal embraced him and Killmaster almost spilled a beer on him. But only almost, the Jackal prevented that quickly. ‘Cause he had talked to the monitor guy before – and a big bucket of water is much more effective than a small bottle of beer, right? *rofl* Thunder didn’t seem too happy about it, as most of the water ended up on his bass, but hey – the guy deserved it. *gg*

At the end, they brought Håkon Gebhard from HGH on stage again to play the Banjo during 170. And then, as the final song, they played Die Polizei of course – and the audience kept on singing while Kaizers stood there arm in arm…

Thanks a lot for the wonderful tour – it was so much fun! Big thank yous to Linda and Trine for the nice company in Copenhagen, and of course to all the others I met (again) there. And not only in Copenhagen, but everywhere of course. There’s a lot more to say about all the great things happening on tour, I guess I will do that in my blog in the near future. For now, THANKS to everybody!

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