7.12.2006 Kaizers Orchestra (Vega, Kopenhagen)

Hah… now I know what I missed last week!

But as I want to see a little of Copenhagen today as well, I’ll really keep it short now. But waaaaaah – what was that??? This was so great and terrific and fantastic and amazing!

Fra sjåfør til passasjer, Dø manns tango and – Dekk Bord! Did I say “waaaaaah” already?

As always, the concert started with HGH – but during the song “I’m in love with my brother” they asked the Kaizers crew to come on stage and sing along. Which they did, of course. *gg*

Then the setlist: Evig pint, Hevnervals, Container, Knekker deg til sist, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, “Senor Flamingos adieu”, Blitzregn Baby, Død manns tango, Kontroll på kontinentet, Fra sjåfør til passasjer, Dekk Bord, Katastrofen, Delikatessen, Di grind, Dieter Meyers Inst., first encore KGB, 9mm, Maestro, second encore Bak et halleluja, Sigøynerblod, Resistansen (yes, in that order, somehow I had the feeling they had planned something else but then decided to change the plan).

The highlight were the two “new old” songs, of course. They haven’t played them for ages! During Fra sjåfør… Hellraizer sat down at the organ, next to Omen, while Mink took over his barrel. And he had to work really hard! Very impressive, the whole song, and I just love it…

After that Hellraizer announced the next song. I only understood half of what he said, but that part was about the fact that there’s only five fans who want to hear this song, but… And I was standing there gaping and trying to convince myself that now they are probably gonna play “only” Rulett – but no, the Jackal took Hellraizer’s guitar and they really started to play Dekk Bord! Waaaaah! And this time it worked out fine. *gg* And Hellraizer was dancing around with his tambourine. In such moments you wonder why you only have two eyes and two ears, it was sooooo amazing. *g*

Then there were a lot of small details, but as I want to keep it short, here’s the unsorted and unconnected list:

  • The Jackal jumped into the audience during the second song already. And he was carried to the back of the hall! So the rest of the band had to keep on playing and playing – until they had their frontman back. =;-)
  • The announcement for Delikatessen was exactly the one that normally comes before Mann mot mann – which confused me a little, but then I was really satisfied.
  • They didn’t really play “Senior Flamingos Adieu” this time. Instead, the Jackal announced a world premiere: Thunder would whistle a song of Morricone now. And he did whistle something, no idea what though. *g* And Killmaster stood next to him with a lighter in his hand all the time, and of course, the audience did the same.
  • The audience was really really loud, and we had to take over the singing all the time, of course. And it was impressive whenever everybody started stomping on the floor, ’cause that really sounds good at Vega. For example, that started during the break in Delikatessen – and that was very impressive!
  • There were some shouts about “Bryne! Bryne!” – but the Jackal told everybody from Bryne to shut up now. *gg*
  • Hellraizer’s introduction during Kontroll på kontinentet was fairly long this time – first the normal part, and then the Jackal started talking… hmm, what was that? Some kind of cartoon speech? Tom & Jerry? Or maybe the czech mole? No idea, but the started discussing things, extensively and incomprehensibly. *rofl* But the conclusion was, of course, that Hellraizer was wearing pink underwear again. *g*
  • Afterwards, the Jackal announced “you sing!” and stuck the microphone into Hellraizer’s face – so he had to do the “ohohohohoh”-part.
  • For the encore, Killmaster came on stage holding a small twinkling Christmas tree. *g*
  • When Hellraizer fell to the floor after jumping down from his barrel, the Jackal ran over to him and started hitting and kicking him. =;-)
  • During Katastrofen, the guitar players put water on both barrels, and the parallel water fountains looked really impressive.

OK, that’s all I remember, but I think it’s enough as well. *g* And it was soooooo terrific! =:-)

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