29.1.2006 Cloroform (Nachtleben, Frankfurt )

loroform are on tour in Germany. Or maybe I should rather call it a tour in “southern Sweden”? Hey, there’s more of Germany south of Frankfurt! *grr* But I shouldn’t complain, it could have been worse, and I’m just trying to convince myself that Frankfurt is almost on the way from my parents’ place to where I live in the south, so well. Okay, my car claims to have done a lot of kilometers this weekend, but this MUST be wrong. *gg*

Well, anyway. So it’s Cloroform in Frankfurt. I had to go to the concert alone, which is always stupid, but luckily it didn’t last for long. =;-) And well, you can’t blame anyone for not wanting to drive several hours to see a band they’ve never heard of before, and of which I can’t even say for sure that they are an amazing live band (like Kaizers *g*).

The “Nachtleben” wasn’t really crowded, sad as it is. My ticket said I was number 145, but I don’t really believe that all those numbers existed… I’m very bad at estimating crowds, but I don’t think there were more than a hundred people in there. Probably less. Which was a pity. Seems that those Frankfurters don’t know what is good!

The concert started with a support band. I guess they were called Sushimob, that’s at least what it said on the ticket, but well, they didn’t manage to say their name even once. And in general, their performance was a litte… hmm… clumsy? improvised? un-experienced? I don’t know. Actually I liked the music, but the sound was just awful. Honestly it was so bad that I decided at some point in time that probably it was meant to be like that. So the big question is the why… can’t be due to the PA, ’cause that worked perfectly during the Cloroform-concert. Which might also be Mr. Berntsen’s fault, of course. =;-) Who knows.
But well, at least they were loud. Did I say loud? I mean LOUD.
So, all in all it was so-so. But I can imagine that their album will be fairly interesting.

And then it was time for the band people wanted to see (well, okay, or the guitar player the kids in the Gluecifer-T-shirts wanted to see… but well. At least they came to experience good music. *g*)

So, what can I say about the concert? I only knew a few songs before the show, mainly those that were always played before Kaizers-concerts *g*, but that didn’t matter at all. The music was great, the show was awesome, and the audience was excited (even though they were a little stiff and didn’t want to move). I can’t write down the setlist, as I said, I didn’t know most of the songs. But everything I knew was played. =;-)
Kaada, wearing the obligatory Cloroform-overall with a LED-script-belt (or however you would call that in English *g*), went berserk at his keyboards and samplers and whatever. He screamed, whispered and shouted into the mike, and once in a while he even sang! At one second he was in the center of the stage, stammering into the mike, at the next he was between his keyboards again, and then suddenly in the audience screaming at people. Just crazy. Oh, and he looks just like Kevin Bacon… *drool* (Sorry, back to my teen-years for a moment here, don’t worry, this will pass soon… *gg*)
Øyvind was hammering his bass with hands and sticks, shouting into the mike once in a while, and of course he also whistled a song for us.
Raldo Useless fit into the band pretty well – but somehow he seemed a little… “useless”? No, it wasn’t that bad, not at all. The guitar fit in great. But it was obvious that there was one sworn-in band that knew exactly what the others were thinking and one musician who was “new”. And Raldo looked terribly concentrated and focused on getting all his cues right.
The drummer was constantly… uhm, drumming. =;-) And talking weird stuff. A looooot of weird stuff. *lol* We found out that he learned a new German word on tour every day (but the seven words he learns will not form a sentence!). The word of the day was “Schwanzvergleich”, and before that, they had apparently already learned “knallhart” (which is a word in Norwegian as well, but you would never use it in a store! *g*) and “supercool”. Ooookay. Things you never wanted to know… =;-) Apart from that, Cloroform have made the coolest riff in rock history (“Led Zeppelin and AC/DC didn’t make it.” – “They didn’t MAKE IT???”), but they could only make it because Led Zeppelin’s drummer died. Uhm yeah. And the riff starts exactly 1:20 min into the song. “Except if we play the song too slow, then it will only start in 1:22!” *lol* Their big hit in Norway is called “This is a hit” (which is somehow logical *g*) and so on and so on, I forgot half of what they were telling. But I had a lot of fun… *g*

Then in the end some encores after wild applause in the audience (well, not so wild for the second encore, but who would expect a lot of encores from a Norwegian band? *duck*), and that was it. Just fantastic, the music is great (even though I still don’t get much out of it when I listen to the record), and live it’s just amazing. I want to see another concert!!! Now! And a little further south, if you please… *grmbl* =;-)

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