18.11.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Rockefeller, Oslo )

The next day was completely chaotic and annoying, but well, no wonder – the day before went too perfectly, so that today everything had to go wrong, of course. But not everything went wrong, and in the end we had almost everything we wanted. And definitely everything we needed. Thus it was perfect.

As temperatures around 0°C are not really inviting to spend hours and hours in the queue, we decided to get up on the gallery today. Which was a very good idea, we had a perfect view, it was not too crowded and we had a lot of fun.

Today’s setlist can also be found on drmowinckel, but the only difference to yesterday’s concert was – if I’m not wrong – that they played Christiania again instead of Jævel av en tango. In contrary to the concert in Copenhagen, Christiania wasn’t about Christiania, the part of Copenhagen, but about Christiania, the old name of Oslo… hmm, could you please decide what it is about? *lol* But well, I just love this song, especially when everybody is singing along…

Kaizers were extremely talkative today. Did I say extremely? I mean EXTREMELY! They were basically talking all the time, just taking a short break to play a song inbetween. Basically, this was not a concert with some announcements inbetween, but rather a Norwegian lesson with a little music. *g* OK, I must admit that I was lost during some of the talk (mostly when Hellraizer opened his mouth – could he try to speak a little more clearly, please? *grmbl* =;-)), and for some of the things they said I’m not really sure if I understood correctly, but well.
Here’s some of the thing I can remember. Or better those things I understood or where I could create some sense of what I understood. I’m not sure if that is also what was really said, but well, who cares anyway. *gg*

  • Before they got started with Dr. Mowinckel, the Jackal put on his working gloves. Somehow he had to go in there with his middle finger first, showing it to everybody of course =;-), and this reminded him of something… “Do you remember? Last time we were here, we had this support act, Geoff Berner, from Canada. And we, Kaizers, were sitting together backstage once discussing something when Geoff came in. We asked him to leave us alone for a minute. He did, but in the door he turned around again. ‘There’s something I’ve been carrying around with me all the time and always wanted to show you. Here:'” And the Jackal put his hand into the pocket of his jacked and pulled out – right, the middle finger. *g* Yeah, right, that sounds like Mr. Berner. =;-)
  • Hellraizer listened to the story quietly, but when the Jackal was done but still wanted to keep on talking (and talking and talking), there was a dry “now play, before they leave!” *lol*
    Which reminds me… I need to find out how to say “Halt’s Maul und spiel!” (“Shut up and play!”) in Norwegian… *gg*

  • Then of course there were polls again who had been to Kaizers shows before and who was on his first concert tonight. But no wonder the concert was this good – it had been sold out for months, so there were all the “hardcore fans” there. “And when was your last concert? Yesterday? But you look a lot better today… oh yes, you probably all took part in “Extreme Make-over”. We wanted to get Hellraizer in there also, but it was useless, with that hair…” – or something like that, at least. =;-)
  • Elvis was back. But not “the Elvis from the comeback period”, but from the later, boring years… which he didn’t really like to hear. *g*
  • Killmaster thought that the audience and the whole concert was even a little bit better than yesterday (I completely agree with him!). But when the Jackal asked him to say that into the mike, there was a shocked “No, I can’t speak into the mike!” or something. *g*
  • Before the last “official” encore, the Gypsy Finale, the Jackal did the old announcement “Do you want one more song?” – “Yes, we will give you one more song. This is why I looooove Kaizers Orchestra, we will play you one more song now! Or do you want two more songs? Yes? OK, we will play two more songs for you. This is why I looooove Kaizers Orchestra, we will play you two more songs now! Or do you want three more songs?” And so on and so on, up to five songs… but in the end they only played four more songs, braggers… *lol*
  • I don’t remember how they came to talk about that, but suddenly they were talking about the sound-engineer who is from Northern Norway (and of course they imitated the dialect). Of course the sound is not great everywhere in the hall. “So, you there in the back for example, this is not the ideal place to stand. But it’s your own fault. Just don’t go home afterwards and say, yeah, well, the show was great, the light was great, but the sound was crap – just come up here to the front. It’s terribly crowded there, but hey, the sound is great!”
  • Oh, yes, and we all come and buy a ticket to see just 6 people, but Kaizers come to see 1350 people! I have no idea why they said that though, that was too much Norwegian again. *g*
  • Suddenly Killmaster took over: “Give me an M! Give me an O! Give me an S! Give me an S! Now what does that say?” The Jackal wanted to know what THAT was all about now, but actually Killmaster couldn’t answer that himself. He just “felt like it”, or something. *lol*
  • When Hellraizer and Killmaster were up on their barrels, the Jackal started to philosophize what would happen when they were dead, thus in three or four years. Hellraizer would assume that he gets a statue in Bryne. On “Zahl’s plass”, of course. But there was one important question left to be clarified: a statue playing which chord on the guitar? Hellraizer decided for a… well, not really that good sounding chord. But I’m not really sure whether the Jackal SAID or if I just reasoned myself that this would be perfect, as he always plays wrong chords anyway. Can’t remember. *gg* But well, Killmaster felt a little bit neglected during this discussion, but the Jackal made up for that at once by telling the story how they were sitting on a bench at his house in Stavanger (which was pretty expensive, by the way, but he could afford it because of the money he got for Ompa til du dør) all the time while writing new songs. And this bench is now called “Vinterstø bench”. As “Vinterstø” is Killmasters’ name, privately, you now… thus: “at least you have a bench that bears your name.” Or maybe what he really wanted to say was: “stop whining!”. *lol*
  • At the end of Bak et halleluja, Hellraizer threw his barrel off stage. But of course he was nice and climbed in the aisle to get it back on stage. The Jackal seized the opportunity to start selling that barrel. And faster than you could look, a big auction was going on, with the Jackal as perfect auctioneer. “I hear 200. Does anybody bid more? 300 from the gentleman there in the back with the striped shirt. Anybody willing to pay more? 400? Who will pay 500? Someone 600? Going once, going twice… 700 up on the gallery!” And so on and so on. In the end, two lucky bidders were up on the stage giving their final bids. In the end, the bid was up to – believe it or not – 13000 Kronen (about 1600 Euro!) =:-o The winner just handed the Jackal his credit card, and the Jackal took it, of course. *g* Of course it’s a different question what the poor guy really had to pay in the end. Rumors say that Kaizers deleted one zero at least – but still, this is a lot of money for a barrel you can get for free at other concerts… but well, the auction was extremely funny. *rofl*

Hmm, what else? There was a lot of posing throughout the concert again, with Killmaster in the lead. He was constantly running around and probably spent more time on the podium behind the drumset than on his normal place in the front of the stage. *g* During Mr. Kaizer, the whole band was gathering on the podium, except for Omen of course who had to play (anyway he had already had his moment of fame on the podium during Bøn fra helvete, walking up and down with the car rim in his hand), and except for the gentleman who obviously doesn’t like the song Mr. Kaizer. Killmaster sat down behind the drumset at the end of the song, a thing you don’t see very often, but believe me, you don’t want to see (or better hear *cough*) that more often. =;-)

Of course they were also stagediving again, no matter whether with a microphone or with a guitar, there was another kiss at the “Elskling” in Mann mot mann, and during his introduction in Kontroll på kontinentet, Hellraizer stood without moving at all for some minutes while the audience was applauding – amazing.

And now I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention a thousand things. But the concert was just amazing, I don’t have words to say how great it was anyway. And honestly, I didn’t expect my 40th concert to impress me as much as it did – but it feels really good to know that I’m still not “satisfied”, even after 40 concerts. And I’m really really looking forward to the next tour, which might already be in March, as rumors say!

Thanks a lot to Kaizers for two incredible concerts, thanks for the great support, thanks to Shirin for two stressful, but anyway very nice days, thanks to the Norwegian fans for the great atmosphere, and next time in Oslo I want to practice my Norwegian a bit again and join in at the Vor- and Nachspiel – I really missed that this time. But there will surely be a next time. And this time, the time was just too short… but the concerts made up for this “loss”. Thanks!

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