5.10.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Vega, Kopenhagen)

So, at the end of the tour (for me) two concert in Copenhagen – yeah! You just gotta experience the Danish audience once, or so I was told. *g* Getting there in the Kaizermobil, then a litte speed-sightseeing, then to the Vega. There I was completely surprised, I had expected something different, like people getting in line hours before the concert and a huge crowd in front of the place half an hour before the doors opened. OK, there were some people there, but not nearly as many as I would have expected. Which was good for us, of course. *g*

After the doors opened, we found our way to the second row without problems, and this seemed like the perfect place – until the guys in front of me decided to take off their shirts even before the concert started. Disgusting. Totally disgusting. Waaah… well, I’m used to a lot, and after some songs I was in first row and didn’t care anymore. Perfect view to the stage – but of course I couldn’t see anything that was happening in the audience, like the Jackal jumping in or standing on the rail and whatever – but well, you can’t have everything.

Of course I understood much less this time than during the last concerts, as the Jackal spoke a lot of Norwegian again. At least he spoke slower and more clearly, which was great, but it was still Norwegian. =;-) But anyway, they didn’t talk very much this time, as they had a very long setlist again and thus didn’t have much time to talk. *g* The setlist was as follows: KGB, Delikatessen, Knekker deg til sist, Hevnervals, Container, Senior Flamingos adieu, Blitzregn baby, Bøn fra helvete, Mann mot mann, Kontroll på kontinentet, Christiania, På ditt skift, Dr. Mowinckel, Di grind, Dieter Meyers Inst.. Encore Evig pint , Ompa til du d&slash;r, Maestro. Second encore Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg, Gypsy Finale, 170.

I don’t remember too much about the concert, probably due to the first row and me being really really tired, so here’s what I can think of:

  • Jackal: “This is the best Wednesday of my life! My daughter was born on a Monday, so this was the best Monday of my life, my son was born on a Friday, so that’s the best Friday in my life [remark: or something like this, I don’t remember exactly *g*], but this here is definitely the best Wednesday in my life!” Hellraizer: “But – I was born on a Wednesday!” Jackal: “So that’s probably your best Wednesday.” Hellraizer: “Yes, but also your’s…”
  • We’re all one big family… Jackal: “You’re all my children – who’s your daddy?”
  • The Jackal tried to open his beer bottle – with a crowbar. Without much success… But Hellraizer took over and explained that he had to use the _other_ end of the crowbar and showed him, while Minken was doing a drum roll. *g*
  • Who bought the album? What’s the name of the album? What’s the name of the single? What’s the next song?
  • During the “faster”-part of Sigøynerblod, the Jackal tried to figure out how to say “faster” in Danish. It took him a while, but in the end he came up with “hurtiger” which seemed to be right. *g*
  • There was a whole lot of audience interaction: The Jackal jumped into the audience several times, Killmaster parted the audience again during his introduction in order to run to the front-of-house, and during Maestro, Hellraizer and the Jackal were rocking in the crowd – even though it wasn’t very easy to get back to the stage afterwards. *g*
  • Christiania ended with the whole audience singing “Bevar Christiania!”. Very very nice and impressive, but fairly controversial, as I found out the next day when going there and taking a look around Christiania myself – I found it _very_ depressing…
  • According to the setlist, they should have played “Die Polizei” as last encore – but as half of the audience just disappeared after the second encore and the rest didn’t make much noise, they didn’t play it… =:-( Something else I was really surprised about in a negative way was that during Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg hardly anybody was singing along – hey, come on, it’s not that hard, if even I as a German know the lyrics! And at least I would expect the first row to know it. But at least the two people next to me didn’t… *sigh*

OK, that’s it. A very very nice concert, the atmosphere in the audience was amazing, even though I actually had expected a little more. But well, it’s good if it’s not completely perfect, like that it can still be better tomorrow!
After that a nice ending of the night in a terrible bar. A nice hello and thank you at those two that talked to us just outside of Vega (don’t know how to spell your name *g*), and well, another show tomorrow! =:-)

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