29.9.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Backstage, München)

This report is a little difficult for me, actually. Just because the concert was great as always and in no respect worse than any of the other shows of the tour, but well, I was in a very bad mood and grumpy and frustrated. This means I loved the show while it was going on, but afterwards, everything was stupid – including the concert, of course. So I’m not sure if I can write an good and objective report, but I’ll try.

The whole week was totally crazy and chaotic, then I left for Munich and even got there without any traffic jams, which is basically a miracle. Directly to the club, parking space right in front, great, nothing to complain about! But as I was there alone ’cause my friend let me down just before the concert (which is something to complain about *grr*), I was sitting and waiting alone for the concert to start, which was stupid, but then the concert started.

Geoff Berner’s gig was… hmm, good and bad, I would say. =;-) As always really funny, but he started by complaining about the Oktoberfest, how bad that is and stuff. OK, he’s right about that, but it’s easy to ignore and just not go there. =;-) But it seems that a lot of alcohol can compensate for that. *cough*
Stupid! Stupid! worked out perfectly again, the hall was crowded, people were hot, what else would you want.

Then Kaizers, with almost the same setlist as in Switzerland: KGB, Delikatessen, Knekker deg til sist, Container, Senior Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn Baby, Bøn fra helvete, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Christiania, Evig pint, Dieter Meyers Inst., Maestro. Encore Ompa til du dør and Gypsy Finale, second encore Die Polizei.

The first words of the Jackal told a lot about the concert, and probably about Kaizers as well. His eyes were gleeming, and he announced: “I have the best job – if this is your office!” Oh yes… And the scenery was impressive, no question about it. It was not quite sold out, but pretty crowded anyway. And the atmosphere was amazing, which was probably also due to fairly many Norwegian being there, and they knew especially the older songs quite well.

Reactions of the audience were a little weak in the beginning, the questions the Jackal asked were either not answered or just very quietly. Hellraizer knew at once what the problem must be: “You – must – talk – slowly!” The Jackal managed to do that for one sentence or so, but not longer – anyway, the audience was getting more and more awake.

For example during the photo shooting. The Jackal saw someone with a camera in the front, so he announced, that he or she surely wanted a nice picture. Two seconds later, the whole band was gathering besides him and posing in the Blitzregn… *g*

Senior Flamingos Adieu was announced as a song with a beginning that only two people in the world could whistle – that being Thunder (of course) and – Jackal: “The second person is me. But he’s doing it now.” *g*

Then the Jackal showed his German knowledge again. He knows only one sentence, or well, and “Tschüß bis morgen!” (“See you tomorrow!”). So he starts talking to every German he meets: “Entschuldigung, aber haben Sie in der Bundesliga gespielt? Nein? OK. Dann tschüß bis morgen!” (“Excuse me, but have you played in the Bundesliga? No? OK. Then see you tomorrow!”) *rofl*

As always, the obligatory questions who comes from where, including throwing out the Swedes and a resigning “the crew doesn’t count” when they were raising there hands when the question came to Norwegians. And to the group who brought the Norwegian flag: “Oh, you brought a flag? Great! We can burn it backstage after the concert – or maybe smoke it?”

Then we all had to scream: Frist the people in the back, then the people in front, then the crew up on the balcony. And they did, and pretty loud for only three people. But pathetic in comparison to the crowd. =;-) Jackal: “Well, the earn so little money… but when they scream, they get a few hundreds extra!”

At some point in time the Jackal asked who already had the Maestro-album. “Really, so many? Naah, I don’t believe you. You can’t believe a German, it’s like with the Russians.” Huh? *lol*

“And now a song for all the girls…” – that’s when Hellraizer pointed out to the Jackal that the setlist said something different – “uhm, I mean, this comes later. First one for the guys.” And then Kontroll på kontinentet. During his introduction, Killmaster stood in the middle of the stage motioning to the audience to make an aisle in the middle of the audience – that worked out perfectly, so he could run from the stage right to the back of the hall and back. This was a fairly long way, actually, and it looked pretty impressive from up where I was standing (I was up on a small podium at the side of the hall).

Of course the Jackal copied that during the encore and went right into the crowd during Resistansen, conducting the choir from the center of the hall. And wow, it did work! And it definitely was cool, I admit that. *g*

Oh yes, and during the introduction the Jackal realized that “Hell yeah” sounds almost like “Helge” – “yes, right, that’s his name!”

During Sigøynerblod, everybody had to lift up their hands again. Hellraizer (without mike): “Better do what the man says, he means it!” *lol*

Last encore was Die Polizei, and finally the Jackal gave an explanation why it is “Herr Polizei” in the chorus – the song is about a guy getting caught in Germany with faked id, who is questioned by the German police. And as he doesn’t know German… oh, sure! And I almost thought… but hey, it’s supposed to be like this. Ähem. *lol*

So, that’s all I remember, and reading this report I think the concert was acutally quite good. Which I also said in the beginning. Personally I’m still frustrated a little, and the two and a half hours in a car didn’t make things any better… *sigh* Anyway, the concert was really worth going there. So many concerts, and each unlike the other. Wow.

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