15.9.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Batschkapp, Frankfurt)

Well, the way from Berlin to Frankfurt was loooong. About 600 km too much, I would say… *argh* Really exhausting. Theoretically, I had gotten enough sleep, but well, a tour is always tiring, and I was completely spent. But well, I did arrive in Frankfurt in time. And even though I had feared it would be very hard to find the club (I’ve been to Batschkapp once before – and it took me forever to find it; and to find a parking space then…), everything was perfect, found it at once, and there was a parking space very near-by, what else could you possibly want? (Well, except for the parking space right next to the bus that was also still available when I came – but no, I didn’t want that one. *lol*)

In Frankfurt, Shirin was also there again, and two of my friends, and some people from the forum. But honestly I wasn’t really in the condition to take part in reasonable conversations, I was so dead… somehow Berlin was pretty exhausting, I wonder why? *g*

But the fact that I was dead tired didn’t matter much, at least it didn’t have a negative influence on how I saw the concert. Great, I had feared I would not like the show because of being tired, but no. The concert was awesome again! Not quite as good as Hamburg, and Berlin was just “different” so it’s impossible to compare, but very very good. The only thing I could criticize is the audience, there were some rowdies there, but well, that’s probably just the “Frankfurt audience” – I’ve made the same experience last time I was at Batschkapp (which is already 5 years ago, though). But I didn’t care, I kept a little to the side anyway, and there everything was fine.

The setlist was a little different, I’m not sure exactly how it was, but Mann mot mann replaced Di grind, and Ompa til du dør was the first song of the encore.

The Jackal was bragging with his knowledge of German that he gained during his soccer time (“Spielen sie in der Bundesliga?”). I have no idea though why he kept calling the audience “Frankfurter Allgemein” *g*, that’s probably gonna stay his secret, and probably I’ll also never find out what Hellraizer meant with “Schau mach!”. *rofl*

Well, as I’m too lazy right now to write a structured, real report, here’s just my notes that I took shortly after the show. Very rough and not sorted out *g*:

  • The audience was totally crazy. In the beginning, people were just standing around, but it only took few songs to get them moving. In the end, there was a lot of pogo and stagediving – which lead to some really funny situations. Like when one stagediver got up on stage but couldn’t jump, because the Jackal accidentally blocked his way with his microphone stand. When he finally noticed the stagediver, he handed him the rattles to stay on stage and dance around. Well, the poor guy didn’t look all too happy about that. *lol* Another stagediver took a little too much time, so the Jackal “helped him” off stage – well, there weren’t too many people there to catch him. But well, that’s punk rock. *g*
  • It was time for questions again – the first one was if the Jackal could take off his shirt. Of course he could, but only if the girl asking the question would also take of her’s. And she did. So, away with the tie… “and I’ll take off the shirt if some other girl takes off her’s!” Well, wasn’t that hard to find one in the first row. The sister of the girl who asked the question. “Who are you, the Crazy Family?!?”
  • Again advertising for Sennheiser, a German company, by the way, and there’s exactly three custom-made microphones… somewhere I’ve heard that story before. *g*
  • Killmaster fell in love with the audience and wanted to make love to every single one. So, join him in his hotel room, Park Inn No. 505.
  • The Gypsy Finale is so famous in Scandinavia that, whenever they play it, they end up on the cover of all magazines. Especially the car magazines. Volvo. (Huh? *lol*)
  • During the introduction in Kontroll på kontinentet, Hellraizer had lots of fun playing around with Thunder’s bass. Hmm, if you push down on the strings, there’s suddenly a different tone! What a surprise! *lol*
  • Elvis was there again, guitar in his hand, but somehow the microphone was missing – otherwise he’d surely sung something for us. But the way it was, the Jackal grabbed his guitar and sent him off the stage, like always. *g*
  • During Hellraizer’s introduction: “I can tell you people two things about this man: He’s not the elephant man! Uhm, I mean, that’s not one of the two things. I can tell you people THREE things about this man. One: He’s not the elephant man!” Two and three like always then. And then the Jackal forgot the towel, so poor Hellraizer had to twist and turn to get rid of it. =;-)
  • “How do you like my red shoes? And my red tie? This is really amazing, even my drink is in a red cup! And this bottle cap (or whatever…) is also red!” And then he decided to through the cap into the audience: “Everybody lift their arms in the air! Whoever catches the cap gets to make love to this man!” Hellraizer was the chosen one, and his gaze was somewhere between surprise, horror and expectation. *lol* Jackal: “But only men please, he’s gay. You know, gay, Gayr. Nothing bad about it.” The Jackal threw the cap, hit the spotlights, and the cap flew back on stage. Hellraizer picked it up: “I got it! I got it! Does that mean I get to make love to myself – again?” But the Jackal calmed him down: “I can help out”… aehem. *g*
  • When they were asking who came from where (“anybody from Munich here?” – huh? *lol*), they finished with the typical “and the rest of you is from Germany?” But the Jackal wasn’t really sure about the answer: “Was that a yes or a no?” Hellraizer: “That was a wooooaaaah! International language.”
  • And at the end of Resistansen, the Jackal was back into “I’m an artist – I can’t work like this!”, including “Karl-Heinz and Fritz, come here and throw this guy out!” *lol* And again freestyle during the last verse, oh my god, they are sooo crazy… *gg*

So, and that was the first part of the tour for me… I realized once again how great all the shows are – and also, how different they are. The atmosphere differs a lot from show to show, and I think it’ll take a long time until I have the feeling that I’ve seen “enough” shows. They are just terrific…

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