2.9.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Rockefeller, Oslo)

After nice conversations with the Japanese family that was staying in the same hostel room as I was (I SHOULD start to affort hotels, I think *lol*) I was on the way to the train station, meeting up with the Crazy Norwegians *g* there. Some of them, at least. =;-)
And then I spent the next eight hours sitting in the train… *sigh* At least there was a really really nice scenery outside, so I didn’t mind that much. Still, I was exhausted when we finally arrived in Oslo. Anyway, to the hostel (meeting some other fans there, of course), then meeting up with a Crazy Dutch, then finally strolling around Oslo again, totally pointless, but I’ve missed that. Still, we didn’t really have anything to do, so we queued up fairly early. I didn’t want to get to the front today, and to make sure I wouldn’t end up in third row after all anyway like in Bergen, I just went up to the gallery, put up my Kaizers flag, and even got company by another Crazy Dutch. =;-) And I have to say, I picked the right place, I LOVED this concert, the view was great, and I even picked the correct side of the gallery – on the other side, people were just standing around and almost falling asleep, but on our side (the “Killmaster side”), we had a lot of fun, oh yeah!
The atmosphere was even better than in Bergen, probably because the hall is more “compact”, you have the gallery and stuff, I think it’s a very nice concert place.

So here’s what I remember:
“Oh, you guys on the gallery payed double, right? And down here it’s the working class!”
“Have you all been to Vorspiel? Listened to Kaizers and stuff?” – No, actually not this time. =;-)
“Who has never been to a Kaizers concert before? So, what made you come this time?”
Then there was something about a group hug, I missed the beginning of that one, but it looked really funny from above when the first rows where all starting to reach out toward the stage. *gg*
After Mann mot mann, Hellraizer and Killmaster where standing on the barrels, the Jackal was introducing them. “Two extremely good guitar players – one to the right, one to the left, and in the middle…” – best Ewan McGregor-smile he could manage – “not quite Elvis, but almost!” *rofl*
Of course Elvis was also in the house again, even though he looks like a mixture between Roy Orbison and Elvis without the sun glasses. I think. I didn’t get any of that, but by that time, Shirin was standing behind me and could translate, he he… =;-)
They did not play Auksjon in Oslo, ’cause instead they played the cover song “Action” from the Jokke tribute.
I realized for the first time that Thunder is whistling along during På ditt skift, sounds great, why didn’t I notice that before?!?
In the end, during Maestro, the Jackal was standing in front of the crowd as always, conducting them and motioning to scream louder or be quiet and so on. “This is a magic feeling!” And then he grabbed Killmaster’s arm, dragged him to the front of the stage, and let him have his share of that… *g* “Come on, help him out, it’s his first time!” So cute… =;-)

So, and that was it. Nachspiel in a pub close to Rockefeller, forgot the name, and then a very nice and quiet last day in Oslo in sunshine and with nice people – it is so awesome to come to another country alone and then meet up with everybody all the time and meet new people and finally see them again and just have a great time! So thanks to _everybody_ for a great tour. Not only to Kaizers (but mostly to them, ’cause they started it all *g* – and standing on the gallery that night I just suddenly realized how I love their concerts and everything, they are just the damned best band in the whole universe, I would never want to trade them in for anything else – that probably sound pathetic right now, but it’s the plain truth… thank you guys!), but also to everybody I met in Norway. Can’t wait to see you all again.

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