15.4.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Prime Club, Köln)

4 days, 4 concerts – now the tour would really start! To wit, in Cologne in the Prime Club. There were many nice people waiting at the entrance already, and though I had planned to see the concert from further back this time (it must be stupid to see the same faces in front every night… *g*), I accidentally ended up in the first row anyway – big mistake! =;-) Of course it was extremely cool, but actually, it was a little TOO close to the center of the action. Somehow I was busy avoiding shoes, knees and microphone cables throughout the concert… and it was a little wet… *g* But still it was too good a place to give up on it. Who cares about a stiff neck? =;-)
As in Munich, the Jackal entered the stage through the audience. Instead of a glass of red wine he was carrying a spotlight this time though, no idea what this was all about… *lol*
The setlist of the concert differed pretty much from the setlist of the other concerts in Germany. The reason was probably that there were many “important people” in the audience and that Kaizers really wanted to push it. And they did! Without breaks or long announcements they played one song after the other, blow upon blow. The exact setlist I will put here in a few days, I don’t have it right now. This time they only played one of the new songs, namely “Medisin Og Psykiatri”. However, they played several encores: After the Gypsy Finale, Kaizers returned and played Dr. Mowinckel (which we had dearly missed before!), and when the applause didn’t subside afterwards, they came back on stage (Killmaster made clear that we were supposed to finally go home now) and played “Die Polizei” – this time even with the correct German lyrics, “Die Polizei” instead of “Herr Polizei”… *gg*
The night didn’t end though after the concert, as this would have been an unworthy ending to a great show – so we went to a nearby bar where Pål Jackman from Wunderkammer was supposed to play some songs. Pål had opened for Kaizers Orchestra on all the concerts and gotten a lot of applause, especially for his “Erlkönig”. The same for this night’s concert, as he climbed the improvised stage to sing some of his songs. At some time during the show, a second voice joined in, which did also irritate Pål at first – but it was just the Jackal, standing at the other side of the bar and singing along… *lol*
For the “Erlkönig”, Øyvind and Janove entered the stage and did the whistling for the first part of the song. Stupidly, this were too many people for the small stage, they were all standing on the cables, and as even the whole Kaizers-crew couldn’t convince the amplifier to keep on doing its duty (hmm… like, too many cooks spoil the broth, I guess… *lol*), the concert endet right there. Very sad, but it was really great, and also the rest of the night was very very nice. Until we suddenly realized around like four in the morning that we should maybe head back to Bonn, cause some save-me-kaizer-webmastress had to work the next morning… =;-)


  1. Evig pint
  2. Hevnervals
  3. Container
  4. Veterans klage
  5. Ompa til du dør
  6. Bøn fra helvete
  7. Mann mot mann
  8. Di grind
  9. Kontroll på kontinentet
  10. Medisin og psikiatri
  11. Katastrofen
  12. 170
  13. Gypsy Finale
  14. Dr. Mowinckel
  15. Die Polizei

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