12.9.2003 Kaizers Orchestra (Atomic Café, München)

After the first seed was planted at the Rheinkultur and I had come to like Kaizers via MP3 and after the release of the CD via “Ompa til du dør” of course, I wanted to see them live again as soon as possible. Lena, with whom I had visited the Rheinkultur concert (and who actually made me go there, but that’s another story… *g*) found out that Kaizers would play in Munich. Well, yeah. We live in the Saarland, which is about 5-6 hours by car from Munich… Well, what are you gonna do? I definitely wanted to see them again. (And someone else wanted to go to Munich. OK, _and_ see them again. *g*) A few days before the concert I discovered that Kaizers would also play in Frankfurt and Cologne, but those dates were during the week whereas Munich was on Friday – and a nice week-end in Munich isn’t that bad anyway… =;-)
Well, said and done. A six-hour drive to Munich, then an extensive search for a parking space, and then asking around for the Hofbräuhaus (I don’t think I ever thought it _that_ embarrasing to ask my way… *cough*). But as the Atomic Café is on the backside of the Hofbräuhaus, there was no choice.
Full of anticipation we went inside, the stage and equipment promised already that we would not regret our trip, and when the show started with the intro we were totally convinced. The concert was awesome, the setlist can be found here, and we couldn’t stop drooling throughout the show.. =;-)
After the concert – which was of course much too short (I have never before seen that so much yelling for encores wasn’t fulfilled) – we enjoyed the rest of the evening, wondered that there was nothing going on in Munich at three in the night (well, at least in that part of town where we were *g*) and drove to the next rest area to sleep… where we were a big attraction the next day when we climbed out of the car sleepily around noon, but well – what are you gonna do? *g* It was definitely worth it!

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